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Adventures with science, computers & orthopteroid insects.
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In Press
Baker E.  In Press.  Breeding Rumina decollata. Invertebrate Rearing. 1(2)
Baker E, Bragg P.  In Press.  Index to the Blattodea Culture Group Newsletter. Cockroach Studies. (3)
Baker E.  In Press.  Report of 2008 London BCG Meeting. Cockroach Studies. (3)
Baker E.  2012.  Installing remote WiFi on the Jurassic Coast. Community Knowledge Transfer.
Baker E.  2012.  Managing eMonocot Scratchpads tools. eMonocot Blog.
Baker E.  2012.  Writing the specification for our first Digital Asset. Community Knowledge Transfer.
Baker E.  2011.  Cockroach Supremacy. American Cockroach Society Special Publications. 1:22-25. Download: [PDF] Cockroach Supremacy (5.54 MB)
Baker E, Baranowski P.  2010.  Preliminary index of phasmid foodplants in the PSG Newsletter. Phasmid Study Group Newsletter. (123&124):13-21.
Baker E.  2010.  Sticks on Fire [Oreophoetes peruana]. Practical Reptile Keeping. :32. Download: [PDF] Sticks on fire (825.9 KB)
Baker E.  2010.  IUCN Species of the Day: Dryococelus australis. IUCN Species of the Day.  Download: dryococelus-australis.pdf (730.22 KB)