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Adventures with science, computers & orthopteroid insects.
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Invertebrate Diaries

Invertebrate Diaries is a blog that covers my interest in various groups of animals sans-backbone. Phasmids (stick and leaf insects), cockroaches and snails (land, freshwater, carnivorous) feature frequently, but there is also space for many others, including the odd octopus, jellyfish and dragonfly.

Invertebrate Diaries can be found at http://invertdiary.ebaker.me.uk.

In Defence of Reason

A sceptical look at the clash of reason with religion, conspiracy theories, alternative "medicine" and more. Some heavy stuff but also some fun stuff.

Read it at http://defendreason.ebaker.me.uk.

Ed's Blog

Stuff that doesn't fit into either of the above categories. More personal in nature, withr reports on conferences, odd thoughts, and everyday life.

Read it at http://pblog.ebaker.me.uk.

eMonocot Blog

My blog for the eMonocot project.

Research Blogging

Research Blogging aggregates blog posts about peer-reviewed scientific papers. You can see a list of posts about science papers at my Research Blogging profile.


Pestival celebrates insects in art, and the art of being an insect.

My Pestival profile with links to my blog posts.

My Scratchpad Blog

My blog on the scratchpads.eu site, relating to my involvement in the Scratchpad project.

My Scratchpad Blog