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Arduino Books

  • Arduino Project Handbook: Volume One
    (2014) Mark Geddes. Sketch Publishing. 188pp. Full Colour.
    Brief introduction to the Arduino hardware and integrated-development environment as well as commonly used electronic components. Majority of book is given to making 45 projects including a rocket launcher, reaction timer and keypad entry system.

  • Beginning Arduino
    (2010) Michael McRoberts. Apress. 433pp.
    This book explains all aspects of Arduino through 50 projects, which makes it a great initial introduction if you have lots of components and slightly frustrating as a general reference.

  • Pro Arduino
    (2013) Rick Anderson & Dan Cervo. Apress. 289pp.
    A good introduction to a number of advanced Arduino concepts including social coding, linking with Android devices, using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and writing your own libraries.

  • Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
    (2013) Charles Bell. Apress. 345pp.
    Discusses the use of Arduino as nodes in a sensor network and using Arduino to send data to a MySQL database.

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