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Baker E, Price BW, Rycroft SD, Hill J, Smith VS.  2015.  BioAcoustica: A free and open repository and analysis platform for bioacoustics. Database. :bav054.PDF icon Database-2015-Baker-database_bav054.pdf (1.32 MB)
Baker E.  2015.  Carausius morosus in San Diego. figshare. PDF icon Carausius_morosus_in_San_Diego.pdf (36.06 KB)
Baker E, Price BW, Rycroft SD, Villet M.H..  2015.  Global Cicada Sound Collection I: Recordings from South Africa and Malawi by B. W. Price & M. H. Villet and harvesting of BioAcoustica data by GBIF. Biodiversity Data Journal. 3:e5792.PDF icon bdj_article_5792.pdf (106.77 KB)
Baker E, Broom Y-shum.  2015.  Natural History Museum Sound Archive I: Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae Leach, 1815, including 3D scans of burrow casts of Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa Linnaeus, 1758 and Gryllotalpa vineae Bennet-Clark, 1970. Biodiversity Data Journal. 3(e7442)PDF icon bdj_article_7442.pdf (567.58 KB)
Baker E..  2015.  The potential of using sets of specimens to handle species concepts. PeerJ Preprint. PDF icon peerj-preprints-1533.pdf (226.92 KB)
Bennett W, Chesmore D, Baker E.  2015.  Speckled Bush Cricket Data Logger - Project Report. figshare. PDF icon SBC_Data_Logger_Project_Report_Final.pdf (3.52 MB)
Baker E.  2015.  The worldwide status of stick insects (Insecta: Phasmida) as pests of agriculture and forestry, with a generalised theory of phasmid outbreaks. Agriculture and Food Security. 4(22)PDF icon baker2015pestphasmids.pdf (1.62 MB)


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