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Optimising Drupal Arduino module

The Arduino device has a limited amount of memory and processing power. Here are a few steps to increasing the performance of the code generated by the Arduino module.

Maximum and Minimum Size of Integers

The Drupal module will automatically select the appropriate type of integer storage if these values for the field are set on the content type. The choice is made from the integer types listed in the table below. By default long is used to preserve the integrity of the data submitted to the site as far as is practical, however this is not the ideal type for most situations.

char -128 <= x <= 127 1 byte
byte 0 <= x <= 255 1 byte
int -32,768 <= x <= 32, 767 2 bytes
unsigned int 0 <= x <= 65,535 2 bytes
long -2,147,483,468 <= x <= 2,147,483,467 4 bytes
unsigned long 0 <= x <= 4,294,967,295 4 bytes

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