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Other Outputs

This is a list of other things that broadly fall into the theme of "research outputs" - notes, and thoughts on various things. Where time allows these ideas may be developed in the future.

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EWB1 The potential of using sets of specimens to handle species concepts
The use of notation and concepts from mathematical set theory is investigated as a method for describing species concepts, and potentially higher level taxa. These methods may facilitate the easy databasing of species concepts, allowing the concepts themselves to become citable through the provision of unique identifiers. The increase in unique identifiers (such as Life Science Identifiers or Digital Object Identifiers) for biological specimens in recent years may make this approach more feasible than it would have been previously.
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EWB5 Burrow Morphology of Mole Crickets GitHub Repository
EWB6 Some Useful Equations and Tables for the Digitisation of Taped Sound Collections
This document contains conversion tables and equations that have been useful while digitising the Natural History Museum's collection of recorded wildlife sound as part of the BioAcoustica project.
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