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I am an interdisciplinary researcher investigating how technology can be used to monitor biodiversity, in particular using bioacoustic and ecoacoustic approaches.

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Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK

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11/07/2024 - Ecoacoustic Congress

25/06/2024 - Nature Tech Expo

24/04/2024 - How data in the cloud could help restore UK's biodiversity - AWS Summit 2024

03/2024 - Next generation monitoring at the Natural History Museum

11/2023 - UK Nature Recovery theme Town Hall

11/2023 - Garden Science workshop

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Prophalangopsis obscura

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Nature Overheard

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What’s it about?

Insects are important for a healthy environment, but noise can make it hard for them to communicate with each other. They may have to change their sounds to be heard in noisy places.

Join us to collect data to better understand how road noise affect insects through the Nature Overheard survey. Or take part in other activities to support this research while you build your own scientific skills and knowledge.


Naked Scientists

Earth Day 2023’s Nature Overheard project. Interview with Abigail Lowe. Naked Scientists podcast.

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FlyTunes a crowd-sourcing project to identify the contents of sound clips for machine learning identification methods.