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I am an interdisciplinary researcher investigating how technology can be used to monitor biodiversity, in particular using bioacoustic and ecoacoustic approaches.

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Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK

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11/07/2024 - Ecoacoustic Congress

25/06/2024 - Nature Tech Expo

24/04/2024 - How data in the cloud could help restore UK's biodiversity - AWS Summit 2024

03/2024 - Next generation monitoring at the Natural History Museum

11/2023 - UK Nature Recovery theme Town Hall

11/2023 - Garden Science workshop

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Prophalangopsis obscura

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I am currently an Acoustic Biology Researcher at Natural History Museum, London, working on the Urban Nature Project. I formerly worked in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of York (Leverhulme funded Automated Acoustic Observatories project) and the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

🦗.fm - my work on museum sound collections and the bioacoustics of Orthoptera.

Photograph of Horatopshaga raggei

Horatosphaga raggei (Heller & Baker, 2017) a new species first identified from its song..

Current projects

Urban Nature Project: monitoring and understanding urban biodiversity in the UK

WildlifeSystems: devices for monitoring biodiversity as part of large, dense sensor networks

BioAcoustica: repository for bioacoustic data

audioBlast!: discovering and searching of bioacoustic and ecoacoustic datasets

R bioacoustics tools

SonicScrewdriveR: multi-tool for bioacoustic analysis and visualisation in R

tdsc: time-domain signal coding in R

zcjs-r: visualise zero-crossing files in R and Shiny using the zcjs library

Data management tools

ontomasticon: simple, lightweight ontology and glossary server


Google Scholar: scientific papers and reports

Medium: longer form writing

Blog: shorter articles

Roles and responsibilities

Convenor TDWG AudiovisualCore Maintenance Group GitHub

Co-convenor Royal Entomological Society Orthoptera Special Interest Group

Vice-chair (Phasmida) IUCN Grasshopper Specialist Group

Editor Phasmid Studies


MSc Taxonomy, Biodiversity & Evolution (Imperial College and Natural History Museum)

MSc Ecology & Data Science (University College London and Natural History Museum)

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