Ed Baker

I am an interdisciplinary researcher investigating how technology can be used to monitor biodiversity, in particular using bioacoustic and ecoacoustic approaches.

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I currently work on the Urban Nature Project at the Natural History Museum, London. I formerly worked in the Deprtment of Electronic Engineering at the University of York (Leverhulme funded Automated Acoustic Observatories project) and the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

Current projects

Urban Nature Project: monitoring and understanding urban biodiversity in the UK

WildlifeSystems: devices for monitoring biodiversity as part of large, dense sensor networks

BioAcoustica: repository for bioacoustic data

audioBlast!: discovering and searching of bioacoustic and ecoacoustic datasets

R bioacoustics tools

SonicScrewdriveR: multi-tool for bioacoustic analysis and visualisation in R

tdsc: time-domain signal coding in R

zcjs-r: visualise zero-crossing files in R and Shiny using the zcjs library


Google Scholar: scientific papers and reports

Medium: longer form writing

Blog: shorter articles

Roles and responsibilities

Convenor TDWG AudubonCore Maintenance Group

Vice-chair (Phasmida) IUCN Grasshopper Specialist Group

Science Committee Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

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